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The 14th National Brand Yushan Award winner is EXCETEK

EXCETEK Awarded Taiwan’s 14th National Brand Yushan Award

■ Wu Ching-chang, EDN reporter in Taichung
A technology- and innovation-driven Taiwanese maker of wire-cut EDM (electric discharge machining) machines with high competitiveness in the global market, EXCETEK Technologies Co., Ltd. has just won the 14th National Brand Yushan Award in the categories of “The Best Enterprises” and “The Best Products”, with its NP600L Intelligent High Precision Linear Motor Wire Cutting Machine atop the award-winning product list again. The achievements underline the firm’s efforts on enterprise operations and product R&D.
National Brand Yushan Award is one of Taiwan’s largest award programs held for local enterprises and judged according to a rigorous set of criteria to identify those with outstanding corporate brands. As its objectives, the award is established to motivate Taiwanese companies to continuously improve their service quality and R&D capability, and develop high-quality, well-known and high-profile corporate brands originating from the island, hence having served as the driving power of Taiwan’s economy over the decade. With EXCETEK winning the awards this year, its chairman Richard Chang will be honored by Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen in December.
Under the leadership of chairman Chang and management, and sticking to its business motto of “supplying high-quality EDM machines as the best partner for global customers from molds and dies and non-contact machining sectors” coupled with a successful branding strategy focused on “Excellence” and “Technical”, EXCETEK is dedicated to the development and production of various EDM and wire cutting machines, and has effectively marketed its products to over 30 different countries of the world, including those in Europe, the U.S. and China. Obviously a distinguished supplier of this kind, the company has been awarded by many award programs in Taiwan, including the 22nd National Award of Outstanding SMEs, Taichung Golden Hand Awards, Taiwan Mittelstand Award, Rising Star Award and Taiwan Excellence Awards and so on.

Widely regarded as one of the most conspicuous machines newly launched in Taiwan’s machine tool industry, EXCELTEK’s NP600L Intelligent High Precision Linear Motor Wire Cutting Machine receives awards not just from the 14th National Brand Yushan Award, but the 13th Innovative Product Awards by Taiwan Machine Tool Foundation, and Taiwan Excellence Awards. Developed with EXCETEK’s unique technology, the machine model adopts single-column design for non-synchronized operations on x and y axes for higher degrees of straightness, and smaller backlash among motors and parts, and less wear.
Furthermore, NP600L is highlighted with an intelligent expert system and other practical functions, including DPM workpiece width detection and automatic calibration for parameter settings, tool electrode lowering for mold holes, intelligent angle control and DVR stable discharge module, along with connections with a big machining database for maximized efficiency and intelligence. This machine also features the use of a digital detector of arc initiation voltages to avoid errors as commonly seen with conventional voltage servos, and improve machining accuracy and consistency, not to mention a power saver circuit, which enables NP600L to attain 45 percent lower power consumption than competing models.
Over the past years, EXCETEK has been increasingly recognized as one of world’s top-end brands of wire-cut EDM machines among professionals, thanks to its industry-leading and unique technologies, as well as customer-centric special marketing strategies. Designed to help customers address machining problems, EXCETEK’s products have been sought-after in the global market for great functionality.
For instance, EXCETEK’s machines are mostly built with its independently developed PC-base controller, high-speed discharge circuit, optimally engineered mechanical structure, and quick wire-feeding technology (allowing wires to be fed through workpiece completely in 10 seconds) coupled with its patented lead wire technology, which enables the automatic adjustment of output parameters according to workpiece’s width to effectively minimize wire marks to only 3um in width and, in turn, greatly reduce the time needed for secondary processing of machined workpiece. Able to be programmed to work automatically during nighttime without the needs for manpower, NP600L is a fully intelligent wire-cut EDM machine with high rigidity, machining accuracy and performance, and has been widely accepted by customers from aerospace, optoelectronics, medical, precision metal molds and dies industries all around the world.
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Richard Chang (right), EXCETEK’s chairman, takes home the Best Enterprise award in the 14th National Brand Yushan Award from Chang Po-ya, president of Control Yuan (photographed by Wu Ching-chang).

Chairman Richard Chang of EXCETEK (right) receives three awards, including one for NP600L in the Best Product category, in the 14th National Brand Yushan Award from Wang Jung-ching, Deputy Director-General of Construction and Planning Agency under Taiwan’s Ministry of the Interior (photographed by Wu Ching-chang)


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